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Thursday, June 16th, 2016
5:13 pm - Fotografia de botez

Alegerea fotografului pentru botez, este una dintre deciziile ce trebuie luate cu grija, avand in vedere insemnatatea evenimentului. Un fotograf de botez trebuie sa fie ales in functie de calitatea serviciilor oferite, de experienta acestuia si de disponibilitate. Pentru servicii profesioniste recomandarea mea este Degalfoto, fotograf botez Bucuresti cu peste 10 ani de experienta in domeniu.

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Wednesday, December 16th, 2015
10:02 pm - Costume de craciunita pentru un cadou deosebit
costum craciunita
Costume craciunita pentru toate fetele sii femeile care stiu sa traiasca atmosfera de sarbatori alaturi de prieteni si familie. Poti sa iti oferi tie un costum sau fa cadou unul. Domnii de asemenea, sunt bineveniti la cumparaturi. Craciunul nu trebuie tratat ca orice zi , ci ca un moment unic in an. fa ca toti din jur sa se simta bine.

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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
8:34 pm - Link Round-ups

I have prepared a weekly links roundup with great resources for your business and lifestyle. I am sharing this as I find the list very useful and many of my readers will find it useful:

1. Pregnancy Miracle Review of the successful book that will tech you how to overcome infertility naturally. Highly recommended for women over 30 years that want to conceive a baby!

2. Paleo Recipe Book Review will tell you why you should consider a paleo diet if you want to loose weight or have a healthy lifestyle. Recommended for anyone, anywhere in the world!

3. Merinde Wordpress Theme is a great theme for a woman/girl blog, no matter if it's just a diary or a recipe website. It's free but it comes with some premium features that I like a lot. Highly recommended for cooking blogs that post recipes!

4. Free Social Bookmarking sites to promote automatically your links. Create an account, submit daily your links and they do the link building automatically.

5. Learn how to win money online with Commission Avalanche. This is basically affiliate marketing, but the way this resource is structured makes it the best option for beginners. Not to mention that Money Secrets is a blog full with resources for those who want to make an extra cash.

6. Get a free website from - This is by far the best option I could find online. A free website on your own domain is just crazy, you can get it without paying hundreds or thousands of $$$ to a web design company.

7. Download a SEO book for bloggers that will teach you how to optimize your website and increase traffic.

8. Another great place to get a website... wel actually a mini authority website or minisite design. It's not for free but the price is affordable, and these guys will create your money site from scratch, you don't have to do nothing, not even to compose your own content.

9. is a great resource for hip hop instrumentals and rap beats for music producers and beginners who want to create their own mixes and tunes.

10. Last but not least, on you will find grape growing guides, you'll learn about the process of making wine at home, or how to pair food and wine or tips and guides on wine tasting.

That's all folks! See you next week...

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Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
7:33 pm - Why a Paleo Diet
I have recently found a Paleo Recipes Book and started to ask myself questions on how we can improve our diet to be more in line with what we as humans are genetically designed to thrive on. My personal experience has convinced me that hunter-gatherer food choices work incredibly well for humans. In this article I look at how our diets today have changed dramatically from food choices that best suit us, the Paleo diet, and what the effect of this has on our health and how we can eat to suit our genetic heritage.

We evolved as hunter gatherers and genetically our bodies run optimally when we eat in line with our genes. Would you feed a rabbit meat, or a lion grains? Many of today’s illnesses exist purely as a result of the mismatch between what we are designed to eat and how we actually eat. Here are 10 key ways the standard diet today is dramatically different from that of Paleo / Hunter & Gatherer diets, how this affects our health and how we can correct each so that we eat in line with our genes to maximise health.

When you choose a weight loss diet and you decide to stick to it, the first thing you must do is see which foods you are allowed to eat and which are prohibited. It is the same thing with the Paleo diet, except the Paleo diet food list is considerably longer and more generous that in the case of any other diet. The biggest problem most people face is coming to terms with the fact that they have to give up many foods they love. Well, the Paleo diet food list will show you just how wrong this idea is.

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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012
10:03 pm - Taranii scapa de casele de marcat
Micii producători agricoli îşi vor putea vinde produsele în piaţă doar cu certificatul de producător, fără să fie nevoie de înregistrarea la Registrul Comerţului. Nici bonurile sau obligativitatea de a utiliza case de marcat fiscale nu îi vizează practic pe ţăranii din pieţe. Ministerul Agriculturii citează aici o altă ordonanţă, privind obligaţia operatorilor economici de a utiliza aceste aparate fiscale, potrivit căreia comerţul ocazional cu produse agricole efectuat de producătorii agricoli individuali în pieţe, târguri sau alte locuri publice autorizate este exceptat de la obligativitatea deţinerii lor.


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9:59 pm - Saltele de pat
Cateva dintre tipurile de saltele de pat dintre care puteti alege in momentul in care va mutati la casa noua sunt: saltele ortopedice, saltele latex-bio, saltele Memory Foam si saltele pentru copii Cocos (pentru cel mai nou membru al familiei). Fiecare isi are propriile avantaje si scopuri, deci sa trecem repede in revista cele mai importante informatii pe care trebuie sa le stiti despre fiecare in parte.

Atunci cand veti cere un sfat prietenilor, cel mai probabil acestia va vor vorbi despre saltele ortopedice, bine-cunoscute si sub numele de saltele relaxa. Realizate pe baza de arcuri Bonell si continand cate o fasie de spuma poliuretanica la fiecare patru arcuri, pentru o mai mare elasticitate, saltelele ortopedice sunt ideale pentru cei care au nevoie de un somn confortabil si relaxant dupa o zi aglomerata la serviciu. Cei care au probleme cu spatele vor fi incantati de acest tip de saltele, mai ales ca sunt concepute astfel incat sa poata fi adaptate temperaturii de afara. Prin urmare, puteti folosi fata de vara cand este cald si fata de iarna cand este rece, bucurandu-va de tot confortul la care ati visat.

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9:55 pm - Romantic trip for two
When you plan a trip for two you know that, first of all, it has to be romantic. Starting with the city you choose to visit and continuing with the activities, fancy meals and leisure strolls, everything has to be perfect. After all, what traveling couples actually look for is to have a great time together, away from their jobs, free to rediscover the world and their relationship. Here are some tips for a truly romantic escapade.

The first thing you decide on when planning a trip for two is the city. If it has to be romantic, then it has to be Paris or Venice. Actually, this is nothing more than a cliché. What makes the trip romantic is not the location, but the couple itself. Of course, some places are more picturesque than others and, usually, cold weather doesn’t fit with the idea of romanticism, so you might want to pick a hot country. But, in the end, it’s the both of you who will decide how romantic your trip will be with the activities you choose and the overall plans you make.

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